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Structural Damage

Assessing whether or not a home or business has been structurally damaged requires the trained eye of a professional. Structural damage to a home or business often occurs when there is a fire, flood or fallen tree. With proper care and planning, your property can be brought back to the original structural integrity. When overlooked, renovations can sometimes cover up another catastrophe waiting to happen. Below are summaries of common structural damage we see on various projects.

Structural Damage from Water & Floods

Rushing water from swollen rivers and creeks can move entire homes off of their foundations, let alone do minor structural damage with relatively small amounts of water. Additionally, long-term rot on wood-framed housing (such as due to an unnoticed leak from a roof or bathroom), can weaken the structure to the point of collapse. In time, water left unchecked can destroy not only masonry, but the integrity of the load bearing walls and ridge lines. It is also important to inspect bridges on your property, since many older commercial and residential bridges were built with inadequate protection against rushing water.

Structural Damage from Fire

Fires often result in damage to central, load-bearing beams that span a floor or ceiling. Additionally, they will damage load bearing walls (usually an outer wall). In total-loss fire situations, the project is often deemed to be so structurally deficient that everything must be rebuilt from the ground up.

Structural Damage from Storms and Fallen Trees

A falling tree or limb can literally slice a home's ridge line in half, as well as penetrate rafters and floor joists. In some situations, a home or business can be literally sliced in half. While it sounds extreme, in most cases all of the structure can be repaired by scabbing on new wood and/or the addition of reinforced walls, ridge lines, and floor joists. High winds from major thunderstorms and tornadoes can also cause severe structural damage. While rare, tornado activity does occur in East Tennessee.

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